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Lean Management: 4 hrs
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Productivity Bundle

Waste is an inherent problem in many businesses—and welding is no different. Every year, welding manufacturing operations lose millions of dollars in profits due to the improper calculation of costs and inefficient welding practices. However, every welding facility has opportunities for process improvement to increase welding productivity.

Before you enhance your organization’s impact on the industry, you must first understand the lean process. Our three-course Productivity Solutions Bundle features virtual, instructor-led and on-demand courses that cover how to mitigate waste and calculate costs, provide tips for implementing lean management in a welding operation, and teach you to become one of your company’s most valuable assets.

Learn how to improve your company’s manufacturing and quality management by purchasing the Productivity Solutions Bundle today.

What’s Included


Economics of Welding

Learn to identify, measure, and manage production costs to reduce expenses and ensure quality. Topics of this self-paced course include welding process variables, weld procedure specifications, calculating weld metal volume and deposition rates, and managing the costs of labor, materials, equipment, and overhead.

Approximately 18 hours
18 PDHs / 1.8 CEUs


Lean Management Teaser


Lean Management for Productivity

A powerful resource for business owners looking to improve their processes and increase profits. This online, self-paced course differentiates value-added and non-value-added activities and their impact on manufacturing processes, and applies learned principles to true-to-life scenarios.

Approximately 4 hours
4 PDHs / 0.4 CEUs


Facility Productivity


How to Increase your Facility’s Productivity

This virtual, instructor-led course breaks down the lean process and other project management principles that guarantee waste reduction and improved productivity. You’ll learn how to identify waste types, understand lean means, set up a pilot program, and work with management to continue lean principles in your field.

Approximately 12 hours
12 PDHs / 1.2 CEUs



Learn how to improve your company’s manufacturing and quality management by purchasing the Productivity Solutions Bundle today.

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