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The number one priority for AWS is the health and safety of our members, volunteers and staff. As we monitor developments regarding COVID-19 from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), AWS will continue to follow their recommendations as the situation progresses.

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Now anyone can have simple & easy access to WELDING EDUCATION, anywhere, anytime!

Welcome! Whether you’re new to welding or preparing for that next great-paying job, AWS Learning is your one-stop resource for welding education. Our comprehensive catalog of seminars, online courses, conferences, blogs, podcasts, and other educational materials are specifically designed to help you achieve your welding career goals.

8 Week Online Seminar


Instructor-led, twice-weekly, 2-hour sessions (8 - 10pm EST)
8 Week Online Seminar
CWI Pre-Seminar / Recertification Preparation

CWI Pre-Seminar Package

A bundle of 10 online courses designed to prepare you for the CWI seminar & satisfy the training requirement for recertification.
CWI Pre-Seminar / Recertification Preparation
API 1104

API 1104 Online Code Clinic

Learn to quickly locate relevant clauses, charts, and tables in time-sensitive testing and working environments.
API 1104
D1.1 Online Code Clinic

D1.1 Online Code Clinic

Learn to quickly locate relevant clauses, charts, and tables in time-sensitive testing and working environments.
D1.1 Online Code Clinic
Safety in the Welding Trade

Safety in Welding

A comprehensive overview of best practices in welding safety.
Safety in the Welding Trade
How to Be A Certified Welder

AWS Learning Online Educational Library

The complete suite of AWS online courses at one affordable rate.
How to Be A Certified Welder


2020 Seminar & Exam Schedules

Certified Welding Inspector, 9-Year Recertification, Certified Radiographic Interpreter and Certified Welding Supervisor Schedules are now online!
Ask The Instructor

Taking a Welding Course? Have a Question?

We'll call you or sign up for an instructor-led teleconference. We make it easy to get clarification on a concept presented in your AWS Learning course.

Tips for TIG Welding on Stainless Steel

Welding stainless steel can be tricky because it is very good at retaining heat, and this can lead to problems such as warping, embrittlement, and rust.




AWS Learning Glossary
An A to Z collection of welding terms with definitions & images of common processes, materials, organizations and devices.


An alloying element that tends to harden and strengthen metals, while also reducing their ductility and weldability. Carbon interacts preferentially with iron, causing the formation of rust.
Inspection Conference 2020

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