Magnetic Particle Testing I & II



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Course – 30 days
Exam – 10 more days

Course Length

Approximately 11 hours


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Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) is one of the most widely used Nondestructive Tests. It is a quick and effective test for the detection of discontinuities at or very close to the surface of the object being examined.

As with PT, MT is usually performed in addition to a volumetric NDT. It is limited to those materials that can be effectively magnetized. Fine ferromagnetic particles are applied to the surface of the magnetized parts and align themselves in areas of magnetic flux leakage – indicating the presence of discontinuities. In this course, the students will learn the principles of magnetism as it relates to the detection of flaws in ferromagnetic materials. There are a number of techniques that make MT suitable for a wide range parts with various shapes and sizes. MT can be performed with portable equipment or stationary systems.

This course will be useful for those pursuing a certification in NDT as well as for supervisors, auditors, and others interested in acquiring a comprehensive understanding of this unique test method.’s Magnetic Particle training is a completely video based online course taught by Marty Anderson that covers:
– Basic principles of Magnetism
– Magnetic particle testing theory
– How to perform examinations with both portable and stationary equipment
– Techniques used to perform MT
– Procedures used to perform MT
– Requirements of MT
– How to interpret and evaluate test results

This course meets the recommendations for training as described in SNT-TC-1A.

NOTE: There is RECOMMENDED READING assigned at the beginning of the course. The completion of these assignments in addition to self-study is strongly encouraged and will add to the overall training benefit and time to be credited. It will also better prepare the student for the practical lab/’hands-on” session. It is recommended that the student a log of the self-study time. It is also recommended that the applicable Level III be involved and confirm that the reading and self-study assignments have been completed. This should become a part of the student’s training records which may be used in conjunction with subsequent certifications.


Meets all ASNT ANSI SNT-TC-1A recommendations per CP-105. Students can typically retain 25% to 60% more of the information as compared to traditional classroom training.

Participants can access the course 24/7 from any computer running Google Chrome browser with an internet connection.

greyArrowEASY TO USE
Pause to take notes with ability to retake lesson quizzes as needed. Online learning gives the student complete control over their learning experience.

Audio/Video narration, demonstrations, animated graphics and video footage make even the most complex topics engaging and easy-to-understand.

Detailed video demonstrations, practice problems, and quizzes facilitate the mastery of concepts and measure content retention.

Course content was developed by Chuck Hellier with industry experts and NDT Classroom Inc. learning professional Kevin Crosby, Phd in curriculum design.

Users can contact NDT Classroom instructors by emailing or calling 716-262-8870.

NDT Classroom customer support Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST. at or 716-262-8870


Magnetic Particle Testing Chapter 1 – MT Introduction

Magnetic Particle Testing – Quiz 1

Magnetic Particle Testing Chapter 2 – The Magnetic Field

Magnetic Particle Testing – Quiz 2

Magnetic Particle Testing Chapter 3 – Material Properties

Magnetic Particle Testing – Quiz 3

Magnetic Particle Testing Chapter 4 – Equipment and Particles

Magnetic Particle Testing – Quiz 4

Magnetic Particle Testing Chapter 5 – Field Distribution

Magnetic Particle Testing – Quiz 5

Magnetic Particle Testing Chapter 6 – Particle Application

Magnetic Particle Testing – Quiz 6

Magnetic Particle Testing Chapter 7 – Evaluating Discontinuties

Magnetic Particle Testing – Quiz 7

Magnetic Particle Testing Chapter 8 – Interpretation and Evaluation

Magnetic Particle Testing – Final Exam


How much do I need to know before taking this course?

You don’t need to have any background in NDT to take this course. It will prepare you to take the practical training needed to become certified by your employer.

Who should take this course?

Anyone interested in expanding their welding career to examine welds and other types of materials and products.

How long do I have to complete this course?

You have 30 days to take the course and 10 days to complete the exam.

Does this course include a completion exam?

Yes, you will not only take quizzes after many of the chapters, there is a final exam after the successfully complete the course.

Do I need to purchase any other materials?

We recommend you purchase the ASNT classroom guide, but are not required Item No. 1641.

Does the time I spend in this course count towards the recommended number of training hours per ASNT SNT-TC-1A?

Yes all of the time you spend in the course, any reading time and hands on practical training all count towards the recommended number of training hours.

Can I use these hours for recertification?

Yes, you can use this time towards your recertification.

What platforms and devices can I use to view the courses?

You must be connected to the internet to access our online courses. We support the most recent versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Courses can be viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Note, however, that a high speed internet connection and large screen offer a better user experience.

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