CWI 2-Week In-Person Seminar

The three-part CWI exam is intentionally challenging, and putting in adequate study time is critical to successfully passing it. The two-week in-person CWI seminar is designed to give candidates sufficient time to prepare for all three parts in a focused classroom environment.

Included in this seminar package are required standards, codebooks and toolkits, extra face-to-face time with an instructor and an in-class practice exam.

Pricing for In-Person Seminar Only

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Non-member: $2120

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The seminar will take place Sunday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The following is a generalized breakdown of what will be covered each day:

SUNDAY Seminar introduction + Fundamentals (Part A) review
MONDAY Continue Fundamentals (Part A) review + Codebook (Part C) introduction
TUESDAY Codebook (Part C) review – D1.1 students only
WEDNESDAY Morning: Conclude Fundamentals (Part A) review
Afternoon: Code book (Part C) review – API 1104 students only
THURSDAY Begin Visual Inspection Workshop (Part B)
FRIDAY Conclude Visual Inspection Workshop (Part B)

Note:This itinerary is subject to change. Any scheduling changes will be communicated by AWS and/or your CWI seminar instructor.


Physical copies of all the books/publications used during the seminar are listed below and will be provided to you in advance. This allows you to review the content that will be covered during the seminar ahead of time. A tool kit with various instruments for visual inspection will also be shipped to you.

Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to bring these materials with you to the seminar. Spare copies will not be available on-site, so please make sure you don’t leave your seminar materials at home!

  • A2.4:2020 – Standard Symbols for Welding, Brazing, and NDE
  • A3.0:2020 – Standard Welding Terms and Definitions
  • B1.10:2016 – Guide for the Nondestructive Examination of Welds
  • Welding Inspection Technology (WIT) Textbook
  • Welding Inspection Technology (WIT) Workbook
  • Welding Inspection Technology (WIT) Part A Sample Examination
  • Book of Specifications
  • Book of Exhibits
  • Part B Assignments Booklet
  • Code Book Study Guide (D1.1 or API 1104 only)
  • Code book (D1.1 registrants only*)

*Other code books (e.g. API 1104, ASME B31.1, or AWS D17.1) are not included with your seminar registration and must be purchased separately.

Certified Welding Inspector In-Person Seminar

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