Certified Welding Inspector

Earning your Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) credential is serious work and has a significant impact on your future. When it comes to preparing for the CWI exam, the stakes are too high to waste valuable time and money.

This six-day, instructor-led seminar reviews the complete body of knowledge required of a CWI and prepares candidates for the CWI Exam, which is administered at the conclusion of the seminar week.

The seminar includes online resources, lectures, practice questions, hands-on learning experiences, and homework assignments.

For your convenience, all of your books and printed materials will be shipped to you upon registration so you can begin the assigned pre-work, making the most of your AWS training. Together, these activities address the content tested in all the three parts of the CWI Exam: fundamental knowledge, practical inspection, and code book navigation. Combining industry expertise with real-time application, AWS Education Seminars provide the most realistic, engaging and effective test-prep solutions for career success.

Read more about each package below:

CWI Seminar (choose D1.1 focus or API 1104 focus)

Member: $1865
Non-member: $2120

The AWS CWI Seminar puts you on the track to professional success, exclusively offering:

  • A comprehensive six-day seminar, which runs from 8am to 5pm, Sunday through Friday.
  • Industry expert instructors with the knowledge to prepare you for the CWI exam
  • Guided instruction material, including readings and full-color diagrams and photographs, practice questions to test for understanding, and the highest-quality plastic weld samples to aid in developing practical inspection skills.
  • Seminar books shipped directly to your home or business. These include textbooks, AWS standards, and manuals, all included in the seminar price (This includes a complimentary copy of AWS D1.1:2015 for enrollees who select the D1.1 focus).
  • An AWS Welding Inspector’s toolkit to keep for your own for use on inspection jobs.
  • Access to the AWS D1.1 or API 1104 complete Online Code Clinic and Code Clinic Pre-Course.*
  • Online pre-work to help you get a head start on seminar readings.*

*Online resources are typically available to new seminar registrants within 2-3 business days of their enrollment.

CWI Seminar + CWI Exam Package

Member: $2585
Non-member: $2840
(Save over $250!)

This package includes all of the benefits listed under the live, instructor-led CWI Seminar in addition to the full CWI exam.

The CWI exam is broken up into three parts:
• PART A — Fundamentals: closed-book test; 150 questions
• PART B — Practical: hands-on test; 46 questions; use the Book of Specifications
• PART C — Code Book Applications: open-book test; 46-60 questions; use your choice of one of 8 welding codes

  • Purchase of this package grants you access to all three parts of the CWI exam. Keep in mind that Part B of the exam is generally administered at the location of the seminar, while Parts A and C are administered at a Prometric Computer Based Testing (CBT) center and must be scheduled separately.
  • All exam questions are multiple choice and each part of the exam is two hours in length.

Online Pre-Seminar + CWI Seminar + CWI Exam — Complete Preparation Package

Member: $3335
Non-member: $3590
(Save over $250!)

This package includes all the components of both the weeklong CWI Seminar and the full CWI exam, and also includes the AWS Online CWI Pre-Seminar, 80 hours of comprehensive online training in preparation for the week-long CWI seminar.

A CWI is expected to have a wide range of knowledge and skills. The AWS Online CWI Pre-Seminar helps you prepare for the live instructor-led, week-long CWI seminar at your own pace. Comprised of ten engaging online courses, the CWI Online Pre-Seminar is designed to prepare you for the extensive body of knowledge reviewed during the live seminar. Each self-paced course is divided into short, interactive modules supported by quizzes, tests, and learning activities to gauge your understanding and retention of the skills and knowledge needed to become a CWI.

  • This package is highly recommended for individuals who are not already working as welding inspectors. It includes access to lessons you can review as frequently as you need like for a period of three months, so that you can prepare for the CWI exam at your own pace.
  • Individuals who purchase the all-inclusive package will also receive copies of all seminar books shipped directly to an address of their choice at no additional charge. Purchase of this package is the only way to have early access to printed copies of the books used in the CWI Seminar.

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