Whether you’re looking for better opportunities, or fulfilling company requirements, AWS Seminars will help you take your welding career to the next level.

AWS Learning Instructor-Led Seminars

CWI 1-Week In-Person Seminar

This 5-day, instructor-led seminar reviews the body of knowledge required of a CWI and prepares candidates for the CWI exam given at the end of each seminar week.

CWI 2-Week In-Person Seminar

This comprehensive seminar includes an extended, 2-week classroom training experience led by industry experts, along with codebook and toolkits, instructor coaching and an in-class practice exam.

8-Week Online CWI Seminar

The 8-Week Online CWI Seminar is designed to prepare participants for the AWS Certified Welding Inspector Exam from the comfort of their own homes.

2-Week Online CWI Seminar

The 2-Week Online CWI Seminar is similar to the traditional in-person CWI seminar, but is conducted in the form of interactive, four-hour online sessions hosted by an AWS instructor.

CWI 9-Year Recertification

This 7-day seminar was created to eliminate the need for CWIs to take the physical test, and it satisfies the eighty-hour continuing education requirement for recertification.

Certified Welding Inspector Part B

This 3-day workshop provides twenty-four hours of expert instruction that includes a review of the Book of Specifications, analysis and application of WPS’s and PQR’s through practice questions, and several hours of hands-on learning with inspection tools and high-quality plastic weld replicas.

Certified Radiographic Interpreter

This 5-day seminar is designed to ensure that individuals have the knowledge to properly assess indications produced on radiographic media of weldments or adjacent base metal.

Certified Welding Supervisor

This 5-day seminar focuses on the knowledge a supervisor needs to support improvement of the welders’ environment, productivity, throughput, weld quality and safety.

Certified Resistance Welding Technician

A Certified Resistance Welding Technician (CRWT) possesses the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to set up, maintain, and operate resistance welding equipment.

Welder Performance Qualification

This endorsement demonstrates the bearer’s approval to qualify welders for certification according to AWS standards.

Welding Procedure Qualification

By code requirement, a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) must be properly qualified and accepted by a relevant engineering authority.

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