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2021 conferences

Supply Chain Challenges for the Welding Industry – Virtual Conference

Supply Chain for the Welding Industry

December 14

You signed a hard money contract with fixed schedule dates. You can’t get plate, pipe, fittings, or weld metal. What do you do? This conference will give you the information and facts as to deal with the “whys” if you cannot fulfill your obligations and the “hows” of what you can do to avoid as many problems as possible.

How to Use ASME Section IX

How to Use ASME Section IX 2021

December 7-9

This is a comprehensive three-day course that will train the participants to comply with the requirements of ASME Section IX, Welding, Brazing, and Fusing Qualifications. Participants will receive a copy of Section IX. The instructor is Walter Sperko, past chairman and long-time member of Section IX committee.

Cobots for Automated Welding

Cobots for Automated Welding

December 9

An introduction of automation and the world of Cobots into our industry, this conference will give a brief history and justification for integrating “Cobots” in everyday tasks, creating a safe environment for the worker while increasing productivity, reliability, and quality, at an overall lower cost.

2022 conferences

Welding Qualification Workshop

Qualification Workshop

January 24-26

Welders and the welding procedures they use are required by law to be qualified in accordance with applicable construction Codes.

Plastic Welding Quality Evaluation

Plastic Welding Conference 2022

January 27

Plastic welding is a critical element of the plastics manufacturing industry, which continues to grow in the US. However, manufacturers struggle with weld quality evaluation, leading to millions of dollars in recalls annually.

Updates to the Codes

Updates to the Codes Conference 2022

February 22

AWS is proud to host this 1-day event, where industry professionals and code developers will prepare you to adjust to critical changes in commonly used codes and standards. This program is full of valuable insights and firsthand knowledge from some of the most respected professionals and code committee members in the industry.

Inspection Expo & Conference (IEC)

Inspection Expo & Conference (IEC)

February 23-25

The Inspection Expo & Conference 2022, where experts from the American Welding Society, American Institute of Steel Construction and Nondestructive Testing Management Association, join forces on a comprehensive array of topics related to nondestructive testing, steel construction, and welding inspectors.

Annual WEMCO & RWMA Meeting

Annual WEMCO & RWMA Meeting

February 23-25

WEMCO & RWMA join each Spring for a three-day forum dedicated to key subjects impacting welding equipment manufacturers and resistance welding.

Shipbuilding & Aluminum Conference

2nd Shipbuilding and Aluminum Conference

May 3-5

Industry experts will deliver the latest research and innovations in both the Shipbuilding and Aluminum industries. Aluminum is one of the most versatile and widely used metals in manufacturing.

Advances in Welding and Additive Manufacturing Research

Advances in Welding Additive Manufacturing

June 12-17

This five-day, technically intensive conference will focus on cutting-edge developments in the science of welding, joining and additive manufacturing research. Plan now to join other leading researchers, scientists and engineers from all over the world.

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