2019 Shipbuilding & Aluminum Presentations

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Shipbuilding & Aluminum Conference 2019
September 17-19, 2019
New Orleans, Louisiana

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Industry experts will deliver the latest research and innovations in both the Shipbuilding and Aluminum industries. Aluminum is one of the most versatile and widely used metals in manufacturing. However, its unique chemical and physical properties can also make it one of the most challenging to weld. The critical importance of welding in the shipbuilding industry will also be addressed by providing current information on emerging technologies being developed for shipbuilding applications.

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Good Morning and Thanks
– by Jerry Mirgain

Welcome and Overview
– by Tony Anderson
  ITW Welding North America

Weld Discontinuities and Distortion Control
– by Tony Anderson
  ITW Welding North America

FMC TFM Beyond Phased Array UT
– by Gavin Dao
  Advanced OEM Solutions, LLC

Gas Metal Arc Welding
– by Mikael Carriere
  Lincoln Electric Canada

AWS D1.2 Structural Welding Code Aluminum and AWS A5.10 Aluminum Filler Metal Specification
– by Tony Anderson
  ITW Welding North America

Aluminum Technologies
– by Kevin Summers
  ITW Welding North America

Advancements and Automation in the Aluminum Welding Industry
– by Kevin Summers
  ITW Welding North America

Assessment against Fatigue Failure Resistance of Aluminum Welds
– by Michael Weaver
  Weaver Engineering

Onboard Ship Welding Applications & Mechanized Advancements
– by Dennis West
  Bugo Systems

US Navy Welding Operations Best Practices Lessons Learned
– by Robert B. Mason Jr.
  Concurrent Technologies Corporation

Experience in High-Quality Aluminum Repair Welding
– by Paul Blomquist

Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing Overview
– by Mark Norfolk

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