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Cladding is a welding procedure that puts weld metal on the surface of the work, as opposed to joining two pieces of material. The use of cladding to protect structures from corrosion is growing by leaps and bounds.

Weld cladding is a cost effective way to prepare structures and piping for applications such as sour gas, chemical reactors and storage vessels, high temperature power generation equipment, transition joints, and repair. Topics include hot-wire weld cladding, roll bonding, explosive cladding, nanocomposite material, strip cladding, the role of lasers, new materials and more that make cladding a competitive solution.

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The Evolution of Cladding with Corrosion-Resistant Alloys
– by Brian D. Gaal
Special Metals Welding Products

Controlled Deposition With Strip Cladding
– by William F. Newell, Jr.
Engineereing, Euroweld Ltd

Surfacing with Corrosion Resistant Alloys
– by Martin Denault
Sandvik Materials Technology

Roll-Bond Clad Plate: Production, Fabrication And Welding
– by John M. Grocki
ArcelorMittal Industeel USA, LLC

The Beneficial Effect of the ERNiCrMo3 Consumable on Dilution
– by Martin Willinger, Fronius USA, LLC
Tokyo Braze Co.

Explosion Welding to Facilitate Direct Attachment of Internals to Pressure Vessels
– by Michael Blakely
NobelClad, A DMC Company

Taking Cladding to the Next Level at Cranfield University
– by Filomeno Martina
School of Applied Sciences, Cranfield University

The Art & Science of Procedure Qualification of Corrosion- Resistant Overlays (CROs) for H2S Applications
– by Richard L. Holdren
PE/SCWI, ARC Specialties Engineering & Consulting Services

Using Metallurgy to Predict and Plan Clad Procedures
– by Ben Pletcher,
Select-Arc Inc.

GTAW Overlays: Cold Wire, Hot Wire, and Beyond
– by Mike Myers
Arc Applications, Inc

Cladding with Solid State Additive Manufacturing
– by Mark Norfolk
Fabrisonic LLC

Weld Overlay for the Power Industry
– by D. Joshua Burgess
Alstom TTTM Materials Testing

Fabrication and Welding of Corrosion-Resistant Pipeline
– by Borja Sáiz Sánchez
General Manager,Technical Weld Overlay Manager Newtesol

American Welding Society Learning