Top 5 Reasons to Become a Certified Radiographic Interpreter

If you joined us last week, then you know what a Certified Radiographic Interpreter does. What you may be wondering is why you should consider becoming one. Well this week, American Welding Online sat down with CRI expert Kenneth Coryell to come up with the top 5 reasons why you should consider getting certified as a radiographic interpreter.

  1. Increase your value – The biggest advantage to being a CRI is that it increases your value to employers. Because reading radiographic film is subjective and requires extra training, being a CRI gives you a leg up on other inspectors who are looking into the same jobs you are. By getting certified as a radiographic interpreter, the odds that you’ll be hired over your competition go up significantly.
  2. Increase your flexibility – If you’re like most people considering becoming a CRI then the odds are that you’re already a CWI, or you’re considering becoming one. Being a CRI doesn’t just increase the odds that you’ll be hired for a job, it also improves your flexibility once you’re already in the work force. CRIs who are also CWIs can offer their employers two distinct, in-demand skills that act as a constant reminder to your boss of how valuable you are to the company.
  3. CRIs are in Demand – According to Coryell the inherent subjectivity of radiographic interpretation can be a major problem for employers. “It’s very much buyer beware,” Coryell said. Companies that use qualified independent reviewers like CRIs to inspect welds are able to avoid major lawsuits that could have been avoided if a more skilled eye had inspected a weld’s image. Thus, becoming a CRI means you’ll be a critical part of your employer’s inspection team.
  4. Credential Renewal – If you’re already a CWI, you can also use CRI training as a way of renewing your credentials. In fact, according to Coryell most people looking to get certified as a CRI use it to renew their credentials while diversifying their skill set.
  5. All those CWI Benefits – Because many CRIs are also Certified Welding Inspectors , they share in all the benefits of being a CWI, but with the added boon of possessing a highly specialized skill. You can read more about these benefits in our earlier blog “The Top 5 Reasons to Become a CWI”, but some highlights include higher pay, exciting travel, and good benefits.

Whether you’re looking for a competitive edge, have certification renewals coming up, or simply want to expand your skill set, becoming a CRI is something you will definitely want to consider. And AWO wants to help you learn what you can do to become a CRI, so join us next week when we offer up some tips to help you get certified. Until then, check out the rest of American Welding Online, where you can find online courses, digital lectures, a link to our YouTube channel and other virtual tools to help you advance your welding career.

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