SENSE – Request a new class

  • Note: If you have a considerable number of students we can help you out to create their accounts and enroll them in your class. In order to do that, download the Excel file from the link below and fill it out. 

    Send the file back to us via email to Allow 2 business days for processing.

    SENSE enrollment Template

  • Request a new class

  • Enter the class name you want in the box below. Examples: 16SAL1_WF101_Smith

    This example easily identifies a SENSE Level 1 class that will be taught by Professor Smith on the Summer A of 2016 and the class code is WF101. 

    A suggested format is this: 

    • year (2 digits)
    • term or semester (1 or 2 letters - S for summer, W for winters, F for fall, A - for the first part, B - for the second part, etc.)
    • class code - your school nomenclature for this particular class.
    • your Last name - to easily identify your classes.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
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