Solution Selling for Welding


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30 days

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Welding Solutions Online Course

Course Description

As the world of welding, manufacturing, and fabrication continues to evolve and become more competitive, organizations often go only as far as their salesforce can take them. The “Solution Selling for Welding” online course was designed to help develop highly knowledgeable and effective sales professionals. Created with the support of welding industry experts with decades of sales and engineering experience, this course focuses on two key aspects: foundational welding concepts and the “solution selling” methodology.

The first part of the course covers welding safety, shielding gases, electrical characteristics, the fundamental principles and equipment for common arc welding and cutting processes, and WPSs and PQRs. This information is pivotal because the true value of a sales professional comes from their technical knowledge, insight, and expertise.

Of course, having an encyclopedic knowledge of welding doesn’t automatically translate into sales. That is why the second part of the course is dedicated to the methodology of solution selling. This includes a detailed breakdown of every step of the sales process, from researching a client and assessing their needs, to creating an impactful sales proposal and closing the deal. As each of these steps are covered, there is a consistent focus on incorporating the knowledge presented throughout the course in typical sales scenarios and situations.

This course is presented in a series of short, engaging segments, each of which includes knowledge checks and quizzes to help you gauge your progress and learn at your own pace. Upon completing the course, your team will have a more robust, well-rounded foundation of technical welding knowledge and the tools to solve problems, add value, and be a more effective salesperson.

Who Should Take this Course?
  • Individuals looking to begin a career in the field of welding sales
  • Current welding industry professionals interested in bolstering their fundamental welding knowledge and/or approach to sales

This student body may encompass many positions, including:

  • Welding students
  • Welding sales professionals
  • Distributors of welding equipment and/or consumables
  • Supervisors or administrative personnel
  • Certification holders seeking PDHs/CEUs
Prerequisites There are no academic or professional prerequisites for taking this course. However, a working knowledge of basic welding concepts and standard terminology is strongly recommended.

Objectives This course teaches students how to:

  • Apply the solution selling methodology to the welding sales process
  • Establish credibility and add value as a welding salesperson
  • Identify safety hazards and ways to prevent them
  • Distinguish shielding gases and explain their classification system
  • Identify the parts of an electrical circuit, electrical variables, and welding power source types
  • Discuss the fundamental concepts, equipment, variables, advantages, and limitations of typical welding and thermal cutting processes

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completing the “Solution Selling for Welding” course, students will be able to:

Engage with clients effectively

Analyze and address a customer’s individual pain points

Conduct a needs analysis and produce a vision of a solution for the customer

Develop a suitable value proposition and calculate the return on investment (ROI)

Conduct a focused and engaging presentation that sells value rather than product

Overcome client objections and successfully close a sale

Explain electrical variables, such as voltage, current amperage, and polarity, as they relate to weld quality

Suggest appropriate shielding gases or electrodes using AWS classification systems

Describe the basics, equipment, consumables, and variables of common arc welding and cutting processes: SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW, OFC, PAC, and CAC-A

Offer solutions to common welding, cutting, and safety issues their customers may face


MODULE 1 – Course Introduction

MODULE 2 – Sales Process

MODULE 3 – What is Solution Selling?

MODULE 4 – Hazards in Welding, Cutting, and Related Processes

MODULE 5 – Personal Protective Equipment

MODULE 6 – Procedures in the Work Area

MODULE 7 – Case Study: Safety

MODULE 8 – Shielding Gas Basics

MODULE 9 – Shielding Gas Classification

MODULE 10 – Case Study: Shielding Gas

MODULE 11 – Electrical Characteristics I

MODULE 12 – Electrical Characteristics II

MODULE 13 – Case Study: Electrical Characteristics

MODULE 14 – SMAW Fundamentals

MODULE 15 – Case Study: SMAW

MODULE 16 – GTAW Fundamentals, Equipment, and Consumables

MODULE 17 – GTAW Variables, Advantages, and Disadvantages

MODULE 18 – Case Study: GTAW

MODULE 19 – GMAW Fundamentals, Equipment, Consumables

MODULE 20 – GMAW Variables, Advantages, and Disadvantages

MODULE 21 – Case Study: GMAW

MODULE 22 – FCAW Fundamentals, Equipment, and Consumables

MODULE 23 – FCAW Variables, Advantages, and Disadvantages

MODULE 24 – Case Study: FCAW

MODULE 25 – SAW Fundamentals, Equipment, Consumables

MODULE 26 – SAW Variables, Advantages, and Disadvantages

MODULE 27 – Case Study: SAW

MODULE 28 – WPSs and PQRs

MODULE 29 – Case Study: WPSs and PQRs

MODULE 30 – OFC Fundamentals and Equipment

MODULE 31 – OFC Variables, Advantages, and Disadvantages

MODULE 32 – Case Study: OFC

MODULE 33 – PAC Fundamentals and Equipment

MODULE 34 – PAC Variables, Advantages, and Disadvantages

MODULE 35 – Case Study: PAC

MODULE 36 – CAC-A Fundamentals and Equipment

MODULE 37 – CAC-A Variables, Advantages, and Disadvantages

MODULE 38 – Case Study: CAC-A

MODULE 39 – Discovery and Client Assessment

MODULE 40 – Observation

MODULE 41 – Engineering a Solution

MODULE 42 – Selling Your Solution

MODULE 43 – Closing the Deal


Who should take this course?

The Welding Solutions course is ideal for:

  • Current or aspiring welding sales professionals
  • Companies or organizations looking to train a full salesforce or incorporate a welding sales component to their onboarding process
  • Any AWS certification holder seeking to meet their training requirements for re-certification

How long do I have to complete this course?

Participants are granted access to the course materials for 30 days from the date of registration. The completion exam must be taken within this 30-day access period.

Does this course include a completion exam?

Yes, this course includes an exam designed to evaluate comprehension and retention of the subject matter. Students will be prompted to take this exam once they have successfully completed all the modules within the course. The completion exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions and must be completed within a 90-minute period.

In order to earn a printable Certificate of Completion from AWS and 18 Professional Development Hours (PDHs)/1.8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), a student must attain a score of 75% or higher on the completion exam. Participants who do not achieve a pass score will be granted a second opportunity to take the exam.

Do I need to purchase any supplemental materials or resources in order to complete this course?

No. The course content is entirely web-based, so no additional purchases are necessary in order progress through the coursework and complete the course objectives.

Do I receive Professional Development Hours (PDHs) or Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for completing this course?

Yes. In order to earn PDHs/CEUs, you must score at least 75% on the course completion exam. Participants who pass the exam will receive an AWS Certificate of Completion and 18 Professional Development Hours (PDHs)/1.8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Can Professional Development Hours (PDHs)/Continuing Education Units (CEUs) earned by completing this course be used to meet the training requirement for AWS certification programs?

Absolutely! Professional Development Hours (PDHs) earned through AWS online courses can be applied toward any certification training requirement, such as those for CWI re-testing or recertification, provided that they are earned within a specified time period. For example, PDHs earned by completing this course are only valid for CWI recertification if the course is completed within the specified 3-year CWI certification period.

What equipment or devices do I need in order to access and complete this course?

This course, as well as all online courses offered by AWS Learning, require a computer, tablet, or other mobile device with an active internet connection and built-in or external speakers. The AWS Learning platform supports most web browsers, including the current versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer (Edge). This course is largely video-based and features significant amounts of interactive multimedia content, so a high-speed internet connection and a monitor or device with a large viewing area are highly recommended.

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