US / European Welding Standards


The American Welding Society (AWS) and Germany’s Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International (GSI) partnered to deliver a unique conference where U.S. and European welding standards on numerous topics were presented, compared, and discussed. We covered welding standards relating to structural fabrication, pressure vessels, railway vehicles, and company certification. We thank all you participated in this event and look forward to bring you another strong program in 2015.

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Conference Attendees
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Fundamental Difference between US and European Standards – by Christian Ahrens
Philosophical Differences between US and European Standards – by Walter Sperko
US / European Standards on Structural Steel – by Shaw and Maehrlein
Industry Segment Overview – by Joerg Maehrlein
General Overview of ISO 3834 – by Christian Ahrens
European Perspective on ISO 3834 – by Joerg Maehrlein
European Pressure Vessel Codes – by Carsten Ruchhoeft
European Welding Standards for Heavy Equipment and Machinery – by Peter Gerster
European Welding Standards for Railroad – by Georg Wackerbauer
US / German Standards Panel 2013 – by Gary Kushnier
Industry Segment Overview – by Dennis Harwig
Introduction to ISO 3834 – by Jeff Hufsey
US Pressure Vessel Codes – by Walter Sperko
Rules for Construction Pressure Vessels – by Walter Sperko
US Welding Standards for Railroad – by Lyndsey Deckard

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