So You’re the New Welding Engineer

2014 You are now the Welding Engineer Conference

The New Welding Engineer – How to get “up to speed” quickly. How to ask the right questions. How to get the results you need, save money, and stay out of trouble!

Two-Day Seminar for Managers/Engineers/Designers, and others with welding responsibility but limited exposure/background in welding. The seminar is based on arc welding applications but the principles have universal applicability. Presentations and Discussion are based on the “Application Analysis Worksheet,” which was developed to teach a senior college course to engineers about to enter industry, with the objective of helping them develop a path to understand and deal with the challenges they were about to face.

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Application Analysis
– by Fritz Saenger

Basic Steel Welding
– by Walter J. Sperko

Matching The Base Metal and Weld
– by Tom Myers

Pre and Post Weld Operations
– by Mike Rice

Selecting Welding Power Sources
– by JayGinder

The Welding Procedure
– by Lee Kvidahl

Making Your Procedure Robust
– by Dennis Harwig

Welding Quality Standards
– by Richard L. Holdren

Aluminum Welding
– by Tony Anderson

Operations Management Concepts
– by Fritz Saenger

Welding Safety
– by Kevin Lyttle

The Automation Decision
– by Jeffrey Noruk

Filler Metal Selector Guide
– by Tom Myers

Stainless and Heat Resisting Steels
– by Bill Newell

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