IBSC 2015

IBSC 2015

The International Brazing & Soldering Conference (IBSC) has consistently provided professionals, scientists and engineers involved in the research, development and application of brazing and soldering, a unique networking and idea-exchange forum.

Global representatives of Academia and Industry presented analyses on a diverse array of topics during this exclusive event, held April 19 – 22, 2015, in Long Beach, California. The three-day conference offered cutting-edge education and technical programming for the brazing and soldering community, as well as peer-networking and a full exhibit program, showcasing the latest trends, products, processes and techniques available in the industry.

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Plenary talk 1
Wetting in Brazing
– by Prof. Nicolas Eustathopoulos and Prof. Fiqiri Hodaj
 Grenoble Institute of Technology/France

Plenary talk 2
Brazing Technology – Advances and Challenges
– by Dr. Sebastian Weis, Prof. Guntram Wagner and Prof. Bernhard Wielage
 Chemnitz University of Technology

Plenary talk 3
Soldering vs. Brazing – Bridging the Gap
– by Dr. Ronald Smith
 S-Bond Technologies/USA

Materials and Process Design 1
Specifications for Brazing, an Update on the Latest Changes
– by Matt Pohlman
 Honeywell Aerospace/USA

Lead-free Solders
The Role of Undissolved Intermetallics and Substrate/solder Interface on the Undercooling Degree of Lead-free Solder Alloys
– by Prof. Fiqiri Hodaj
 Grenoble Institute of Technology/France

Materials & Process Design 2
Resistance Microwelding Techniques in Braze Set-Up Operations
– by Jay Kapur
 Aimtek, Inc./USA

Understanding the Effects of Cover Gas on Brazability of Laser Cut 304 SS
– by CJ Skinner
 HI TecMetal Group/USA

Filler Metal Properties
Properties of Selected Nickel and Iron Based Brazing Filler Metals
– by Michael Weinstein
 Wall Colmonoy Corporation/USA

Furnace brazing and fixture
Brazing Titanium Heat Exchangers and Honeycombs in Vacuum Furnaces Having Graphite or Molybdenum Heating Elements
– by Dr. Alexander Shapiro
 Titanium Brazing /USA

The Latest Trends and Subjects of Furnace Brazing (In the case of Japan)
– by Dr. Kotaro Matsu
 Tokyo Braze Co.

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