Education, Skills, and Certification Conference

2014 Welding Education Skills and Certification Conference

On July 23-25, 2014, the American Welding Society and leaders from industry’s most respected employers and labor experts, gathered in Indianapolis, Indiana. These professionals helped attendees gain new insights, exchange ideas, and solve problems specific to their technical program and local needs. This conference was geared towards technical program directors, community college program managers, corporate trainers, high school welding lab instructors, state policymakers, veterans advocates, and others who want to solve the shortage of welders. Welding education visionaries taught the audience how their institutions can be integrated into the future of welding workforce training and employment.

All conference attendees were invited to participate in an optional tour of the NASCAR Automotive Welding Lab and the John Force Racing Headquarters!

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Welcome Address
– by Dennis Harwig, American Welding Society

State Approaches & Impact for Skill Training & Certification in Community Colleges
– by Glen Roberson / Vearl Turnpaugh, Ivy Tech Community College

Education Partnerships for Next Generation Workforce
– by David Landon, Vermeer

AWS Welder Skill Standards & Credentials – SENSE & Certified Welder
– by Steve Houston, American Technical Publishers

Trends in Community College Welder Skill Training & Education
– by Monica Pfarr, AWS & WeldEd

NSF ATE WeldEd Program Results & Opportunities
– by Duncan Estep, LCCC & WeldEd

Welder Training Curriculum Strategies & Results at Ivy Tech
– by Allison Bell, Ivy Tech Community College

WorldSkills International: Developing Skills as the New Global Currency and US Involvement
– by Carl Peters, Lincoln Electric Company

Advanced E-Learning Welding Education & Training at AWS
– by David Hernandez, AWS Education Services

The Importance of Access to Technical Standards in Education
– by Mike Walsh, World Engineering Xchange

The Impact of Virtual Welder Training
– by Carl Peters, Lincoln Electric Company

Welder Motion Analyzers for Accelerated Welder Training
– by Bill Forquer, Real Weld Systems, Inc.

Motion Tracking Technology and Welding Training
– by Steve Hidden, Miller Electric Manufacturing Company

Calumet Welding Center Perspectives
– by Renae Kondrat, Calumet Welding Center

AWS ATF – Specification Requirements, Preparation, & Assessment
– by Linda Henderson, American Welding Society

AWS ATF – Operation & Industry Strategies
– by Dennis Harwig, American Welding Society

ATF Certified Welder Maintenance – New Passport & Registry System
– by Linda Henderson, American Welding Society

International Training Institute ATF Network
– by Michael Harris, International Training Institution

Arizona State Strategies & Pathways for Welding Education
– by Samuel Colton, Arizona Western College

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology (HIWT) Perspectives
– by Scott Mazzulla, HIWT

Panel Discussion – Welding Education, Training & Certification Opportunities

American Welding Society Learning