2019 Welding Summit Presentations

Welding Summit 2019

Welding Summit 2019
Aug 29-30, 2019
The Woodlands, Texas

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This Summit is intended to bring the best quality information and construction welding professionals together for a series of interactive presentations on how more value can be brought to welding operations and the best way to execute successful welding plans into projects. We believe you should have a seminar experience with quality information that results in your ability to immediately increase both your value and bottom line.


2019 Welding Summit Program

Welding Robots: how to ensure your project makes economic sense
– by Dan Allford
  Arc Specialties

Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic P91 Welding
– by Stephen Gillman
  United Services Group

Estimating Welding Costs for Improvement Opportunities
– by Derek Johnson, PE

Purgeless Pipe TIG Welding
– by Aaron Kiilunen

Value Chain Approach to Welding Improvement:
How Leveraging New Technology Can Add to Your Bottom Line

– by Ricky Ludeman

Advancements in Welding Technology
– by Frede Maxwell
  Welding and Machine Portfolio

Update: Weld Metal Procurement The Market is Changing!
– by William F. Newell, Jr., PE, PEng , IWE

Oil & Gas + Refining Spending Outlook
– by Chris Paschall
  Industrial Info Resources, Inc.

Improving pressure piping productivity, safety, and quality through implementing modern processes
– by Lulian Radu, PhD. PEng
  PCL Industrial Management Inc.

Modular Projects Are Like Puzzles
– by Mike Rice
  Nooter Corporation

Industrial Gas Supply Modes and Efficiencies
– by Fred Schweighardt
  Air Gas an Air Liquide Company

The Keys to Welder Recruiting
– by Darrin Vander Toorn
  Dutch Resources, Inc.

Welding Summit 2019
Welding Summit 2019
Welding Summit 2019

Welding Summit 2019
Welding Summit 2019
Welding Summit 2019

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