2018 Welding Summit

2018 Welding Summit Conference

Welding Summit 2018 sought to help bring value to welding operations nationwide.
In October 2018, industry professionals joined together in a variety of interactive presentations, panels and round table discussions focusing on personnel, equipment and project benchmarks that improve their operation’s quality, productivity and safety.

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Welder Training
– by Jason Vanderlinden
Fluor Construction

Second Wave-History of Welding, Current State, and Where It’s Going
– by Mark Truchan
Fluor Construction

Demystifying ASME Section IX, Requirements for Welding Procedure Qualifications
– by Pat Patrick
ALS/Maverick Labs

Importance of Filler Metals
– by Bill Newell
Summit Organizer

Using Advanced Equipment & Processes to Improve Quality, Productivity, and Safety
– by Jim Byrne
Miller Electric

Nondestructive Examination: Cost vs. Value
– by Chuck Hellier
Hellier Companies

Outsourcing Work Scope and Recognizing Scope Split
– by Josh Armstrong
United Energy Services

American Welding Society Learning