2017 Additive Metal Manufacturing Conference

2017 Additive Metal Manufacturing Conference

Coming up in October will be one of the most important conferences ever sponsored by the American Welding Society. The topic will be additive metal manufacturing (AMM), best described as using existing welding processes to make final products from scratch. This technology will compete “head on” with forgings and castings and fabricated products. So, we’re talking about a whole new world for welding technology. Highly engineered filler metals and powder metal compositions are used for this purpose. So far, laser welding with powder and electron beam welding with wire or powder have been making great gains. Now it’s time for gas tungsten arc (Tig) and even gas metal arc (Mig) to create even greater interest. Attendees will see it all at this conference.

Rounding up the sponsorship will be EWI, Inc. and Cranfield University from England. EWI has established a new additive manufacturing in Buffalo, NY. Located near Niagara Falls, that is where the conference will be held. The dates are October 10-11, 2017. The team from Cranfield has been chosen to be a co-sponsor due to the fact that the university has been a world leader in the manufacture of large AMM parts.

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