2015 Welding Education, Skills and Certifications

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2015 Welding Education, Skills & Certifications Conference Presentation Videos

Developments of Welding and NDE Technology Programs in Tennessee
by Tim McGee
American Welding Society
Apprenticeship Programs for Modern Metal Manufacturing
by Albert Graser

A Triple Pass of the Torch; Technology, Heroism, and Mentorship
by David Landon

NSF ATE WeldEd Program Results & Opportunities
by Rick Polanin

Workforce Trends in Welder Skill Training & Education
by Monica Pfarr

AWS Welder Skill Standards & Credentials SENSE & Certified Welder
by Steve Houston

Worldskills – Team USAWelder Selection Process & Results
by Jason Scales

Advanced E Learning
by David Hernandez

Importance of Access to Technical Standards in Education
by Mike Walsh

The Integration of High Technologies into an Effective Curriculum
by Jason Scales

Motion Tracking Technology and Welding Training
by Steve Hidden

New SENSE Accredited Training Program & Services
by David Hernandez

AWS ATF Specification Requirements, Preparation, & Assessment
by John Gayler

AWS ATF Operation & Industry Strategies
by Dennis Harwig

International Training Institute ATF Network ATF Perspectives #1
by Michael Harris

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology
by Scott Mazzulla

New AWS Certified Resistance Welding Technician CRWT Program
by Tom Snow

ASME NDE ANDE Inspection Program Development
by Michael Turnbow

AWS Certified Robotic Arc Welding Technician CRAW T Program
by Rick Polanin

AWS Qualification of Welding Technicians for Process Specializations
by Dennis Harwig

Preparation for Panel Workshop
by Dennis Harwig

NIMS National Guideline for Apprenticeship Standards & Relevant Metal Fabrication
by Melanie Stover

Arizona State Strategies & Pathways for Welding Education
by Samuel Colton

American Welding Society Learning