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The Hopefuls - CWI Exam First Timers

The Hopefuls: CWI Exam First Timers and the Updated Pre-Seminar

In this blog, we begin our three-part series on the benefits of our updated CWI Pre-Seminar. Part I focuses on what we call “The Hopefuls.” These are people who have decided to take the CWI exam for the first time. What should you do? Where should you go for information? What’s the best way to prepare? All of this and more is covered!



The Determined: Taking Another Shot at the CWI Exam

The Determined - Those taking the CWI for the Second Time This blog is Part II in a 3-part series covering how the updated CWI Pre-Seminar can benefit specific groups of people. Today we’ll focus on those we call “The Determined,” who are looking to pass the CWI exam after falling short on their first attempt.

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Another Day, Another Dollar: How Welding Wages Stack Up Across America

Another Day, Another Dollar How much do welders get paid? Well, the answer isn’t quite so simple. Various factors play a huge role in determining the size of a welder’s paycheck. Newly-obtained data for 2018 can give us a clearer picture of the economic prospects for welders in the United States.

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