Are You Really Ready to Take a CWI Seminar?

By Carlos Plaza & Andrew Henderson

CWI seminars are popular these days. Whether it’s the one-week, intensive seminar hosted by the American Welding Society (AWS), or one of several programs offered by commercial organizations, seats fill up with individuals eager to take the next step in their welding and fabrication careers. But who is a CWI seminar for? Is it for welders who are exploring the possibility of becoming welding inspectors? Is it for engineers who want to gain a better understanding of how their procedures and designs are applied and evaluated? No. CWI seminars are actually designed for individuals who already have the knowledge and skills to be a welding inspector. Without prior knowledge or experience, even the greatest welder, engineer, or robot tech cannot learn everything they need to know about weld inspection in a one or two-week course—no matter how intensive.

This misunderstanding about the nature and purpose of CWI seminars probably stems from a lack of appreciation for the wide breadth of knowledge required of a welding inspector. Among other things, welding inspectors (and therefore CWI test-takers) need to be familiar with:

  • the principles and application of the most common welding processes
  • the interpretation of technical drawings and welding symbols
  • WPSs, PQRs, contracts, and all the other documents that contractors, engineers, welders, and inspectors use to communicate vital information
  • the heat control and metallurgy of low alloy and carbon steels
  • the most common nondestructive testing methods and visual inspection tools
  • the principles of destructive testing; welder qualification
  • how to use a welding code and inspection tools to assess a weld’s suitability for service

As we’ve already surmised, a CWI instructor cannot possibly teach this large body of knowledge and skills, even if their seminar ran for a month or more. Rather, CWI seminars are designed to help prospective CWIs review the CWI Body of Knowledge and familiarize themselves with the specific demands of the CWI Exam. The CWI exam is rigorous because it is designed to assess whether a person truly has the knowledge, skills, and experience to inspect welds on the buildings, bridges, cars, planes, gas pipes, etc., that our friends and family use every day.

About now, you may be asking, “If CWI seminars are meant for people who already have the knowledge and skills to be a welding inspector, where do I get the knowledge and skills in the first place?” We are glad you asked! Here is a list of steps that you can take to begin acquiring the knowledge and skills you need to take advantage of a CWI seminar and sit for the AWS CWI Exam:

The 8-week Online CWI Seminar allows participants to meet with a an AWS instructor twice per week and do all of their studying at a more relaxed pace without ever leaving home. Register now to receive all of your study materials before classes begin on Oct. 3rd.

When you are really ready to sign up for a CWI seminar, visit the AWS Certified Welding Inspector Seminar webpage for a convenient time and location. If you are ready to attend a CWI Seminar right now, we encourage you to check out the AWS 8-week Online CWI Seminar. It’s a new program that combines the advantages of live instruction with the convenience of online learning. It’s completely home-based so you won’t have to spend time away from work or family. However, it features real-time, web-based sessions with an AWS instructor so you can interact with a teacher in real-time. Moreover, all study materials (books, practice tests, and inspection tools) are delivered directly to your home shortly after you register. Yes. Unlike most seminars, you’ll finally have plenty of time to read the course materials before class starts.

We would wish you good luck, but it’s really all about preparation, so happy researching, studying, and training!

6 thoughts on “Are You Really Ready to Take a CWI Seminar?”

  1. 8 weeks seminar, is it the same content with the earlier 90 days…after the seminar, must one register immediately for the CWI exams or at a convenient time?

    1. During the 8-week seminar, an AWS instructor covers the same body of knowledge as in a live seminar. The big difference is that you have more time to digest the material because its an 8 week course and you get the books ahead of time. You also don’t have to leave home. You meet with the AWS instructor online twice per week and do all your readings from home.

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