Your Future is Just a Click Away

Written by: James Wilkey
Written by: James Wilkey

Effective infographics present information in a clear, concise, and visually compelling manner. This one, pubished by the Tulsa Welding School, illustrates many of the opportunities a career in welding has to offer. It also highlights the regions and career paths that offer the greatest job prospects, as well as the biggest paychecks.

For example, the infographic reveals that while Texas has the most welding jobs in the U.S., Wyoming has the highest concentration of jobs. This means that Texas has more employed welders than Wyoming. However, the state is so big that the number of jobs per potential employee is actually much smaller than Wyoming. The infographic also shows that welders who are willing to work in dangerous conditions are among the highest paid, earning upwards of $100,000 a year! Furthermore, the infographic highlights the ever-increasing demand for skilled operators due to the increasing use of automated welding systems.

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The data about the welding industry is promising but readers should keep in mind that many of these readily-available or high-paying jobs require certification. Additionally, most employers are looking for innovative workers who can help their businesses remain competitive and relevant in an increasingly high-tech and global market. In today’s labor market, welders need to be self-motivated and highly-skilled. Unfortunately, many current and potential welders do not possess the skills and/or qualifications to land the job they really want.

To find out more about those requirements and what you can do to fufill them, visit WeldLink, a free, online career planning and management tool designed specifically for the needs of welders and welding professionals. WeldLink provides in-depth career profiles and step-by-step guidelines for entering a given field. And you don’t have to do it all alone! WeldLink also connects you directly to individuals, businesses, and schools to ensure you have all the resources you need to succeed.

With WeldLink, you can discover, plan, and achieve your career goals – whether you’re considering welding, seeking to grow within your current position, or considering transfering to another field. To get started, simply create a free profile that includes your education, skills, and training. In a matter of seconds, WeldLink’s algorithms will connect you to all the available jobs that match your skillset and education. But the benefits don’t stop there! WeldLink also provides industry profiles, school listings, apprenticeship opportunities, and more. With WeldLink, the future really is just a click away!

AWS Learning is another great resource for comprehensive online courses that present the principles of many welding processes in an engaging, easy-to-understand format. For more information about welding education, certification, and new ways to expand your welding career, check out our other blogs, podcasts, virtual conferences, online courses, and digital tools designed to help you grow and succeed.