Welder Training Made Easy: The New AWS Online Educational Library

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The metal objects, vehicles, and structures people depend on to live, work, and thrive are forged by the hands of welders who have been properly trained. If welders didn’t receive the necessary education, modern civilization as we know it, along with the lives of billions of people, would be in jeopardy. And yet, training the world’s future generation of welders is no easy feat. According to Mike Anderson, instructor at New Castle Career Center in Indiana, welding educators face several challenges. Some of these include students’ varying schedules and learning styles, as well as the ease with which students become bored with traditional classroom instruction. Welding educators carry on their shoulders the colossal responsibility of overcoming these hurdles in order to produce the competent welders society needs.

Introducing the AWS Online Educational Library
To help institutions and businesses accomplish their goals, AWS has launched the very first Online Educational Library geared specifically to the needs of welding students and educators. Whether you’re a welding instructor or a business owner with employees to train, the AWS Online Educational Library can help you surmount the seemingly inherent obstacles of teaching. With comprehensive and engaging courses, a convenient learning management system, and a cost-savings of up to 70%, the AWS Online Educational Library is a must-have for all training institutions and businesses.

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AWS courses incorporate animated graphics, audio narration, video footage, and interactive elements that make even the most complex topics both engaging and easy to understand.

Comprehensive and Engaging Online Courses
The AWS Online Educational Library contains a voluminous collection of welding-related courses. The vetted course content is created by trusted AWS subject-matter experts and teaching professionals in accordance with SENSE education standards to ensure the highest quality of instruction.

The industry-approved library includes 7 comprehensive courses: Welding Fundamentals, Safety in Welding, Metallurgy I, Fabrication Math I, Fabrication Math II, Nondestructive Testing, and Welding Symbols. Together, these courses comprise over 75 hours of educational content! And by next year, the ever-growing library will include even more courses. To help students and teachers manage the wealth of information at their fingertips, each course is divided into short modules that range between 15 and 45 minutes. The short modules allow students to digest information in manageable chunks, and they grant teachers more flexibility in the assignment of the material.

But even the most comprehensive of materials would be of little assistance without an evaluating system. Therefore, each course comes equipped with pre- and post-quizzes and interactives. The quizzes deliver real-time feedback so that students can assess their readiness to advance to the next module. The quizzes also give instructors an overview of each student’s performance. The interactives, which are positioned at key junctures throughout the modules, provide ample opportunity to practice and master concepts.

Last, but not least, the courses use audio narration, digital text, animated graphics, and video footage to engage students, appeal to multiple learning styles, and break down complex topics. According to Anderson, his 40 students showed a marked improvement in comprehension, retention, and motivation when they were introduced to the Online Educational Library. He credits this to the stimulating multimedia, which met the diverse needs of his students. “These courses are the future of welding education. Not all students learn alike, but the courses appealed to all of my students despite their learning differences. The kids were challenged, but they still had fun with it, and they learned. In fact, all of my graduating students passed their exams.”

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The AWS Learning Management System provides 24/7 access to courses and records from any device with an internet connection.

Convenient Learning Management System
To maximize instruction, the Online Educational Library comes paired with a convenient learning management system that provides a wide range of innovative features. For starters, the system grants time-strapped users 24/7 access on most devices with an internet connection, and it allows students to set their own pace by reviewing or skipping course content using the learner-centered navigation controls. With so many opportunities to access learning, “Students who miss class don’t have to miss out on their lessons,” stated Anderson.

The learning management system is also conveniently connected to AWS WeldLink to update learners’ credentials. When a learner successfully completes a course, a knowledge badge automatically appears on their WeldLink profile. This feature helps learners keep track of their current and future goals, as well as link them to potential employers.

But the learning management system doesn’t just benefit students. It also maximizes instructor time, efficiency, and communication. For example, the learning management system houses all student information under one roof, and it contains an internal calendar that allows all users to keep track of course deadlines, meetings, and other personal events. So gone are the days of herding assignments, planners, and student records from class to class. With just a click of a button, educators can easily and quickly access all the information they need. And if communication is what you desire, all users can easily email one another using the system, as well as post comments on the class’s personal forum. When enabled, educators can also have automatic alerts sent out to their students to remind them of assignments and deadlines.

And regardless of your teaching style, the Online Educational Library is designed to complement any existing program or curriculum. It can be added to distance learning, blended learning, and flipped classroom models. For example, Anderson used the Online Educational Library to provide whole class instruction for his 40 high school students. Sometimes the class tackled the quiz questions as a group, and sometimes they completed the quiz questions individually as homework. When Anderson received the devastating news that he would require spine surgery, he didn’t have to worry about his students. He simply switched his classroom from a whole class to an individual-based model. Each student came to class every day but completed the courses individually at their own pace. Anderson kept track of his students’ progress from the comfort of his home.

Now, you may be thinking, “Do all of these features mean that the Online Educational Library is difficult to use?” The answer is NO. Using the learning management system is as easy as using an iPhone! The Online Educational Library already comes equipped with all the features you need, and all you need to do is click the appropriate and easy-to-understand icons.

Cost Savings of Up to 70%
Most importantly, the Online Educational Library is very affordable! Prior to the launch of the new Online Educational Library, AWS primarily sold its courses individually, and with a 30-day expiration. That meant students had one month to finish the course. This option didn’t give students and educators access to other courses, nor did it grant them very much flexibility.

Today, with a subscription to the AWS Online Educational Library, educators can get a fantastic deal. Subscription to the library grants users one-year access to all of the courses in the library. Purchasing the right to all courses for one year, rather than buying them individually for 30 days, can put up to 70% more money back into your pocket! Library subscribers will also be instantly updated with new content as it is released, without any additional cost!

The AWS Online Educational Library is affordably priced to fit the budgets of academic institutions and businesses. To get a personalized quote, receive a free online demonstration, or simply learn more about the Online Educational Library, contact David Hernandez or Carlos Plaza in the AWS Education Department. The American Welding Society looks forward to working with you to educate and inspire our next generation of welders.

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