Are You Using WeldLink to Grow Your Business?

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“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.”
–Stewart Brand, founder of the Global Business Network


Don’t Get Steamrolled by the Latest Technology
In our digital age of iPads and smartphones, more people use the Internet for the information, services, and products they need than any other medium in the world. This ever-growing movement has forever transformed the business landscape. Today, companies are forced to use the Internet to build their reputation, sell products, and attract employees. And this applies to every business in every industry! With more than 2 billion people online, a business’s failure to roll with the technological punches can lead to its demise.

Despite its importance, many companies in welding-related industries have trouble staying up-to-date with all the online avenues they can take to enhance their business. Luckily for them, AWS WeldLink can help.

WeldLink BLOG IMAGEWeldLink Benefits Businesses

WeldLink is a free and fully-online career planning and management tool designed specifically for the needs of welders and welding professionals. WeldLink also offers distinct benefits for businesses. To help companies grow, WeldLink functions as a one-stop shop for finding qualified workers, building name recognition, and staying connected.

Find Qualified Workers
Finding the right person for a job can be like looking for a needle in a hay stack. WeldLink helps businesses find that needle using digital skills badges that bring jobseekers and employers together. Digital badges are virtual representations of a welder’s current knowledge, skills, certifications, career, and education. These very same badges can be used by businesses to indicate the requirements of the available position. When there is a match, WeldLink will automatically notify both the business and the jobseeker. With just one click, the employer can read the jobseeker’s full profile and resume. If they like what they see, another click puts the employer in contact with the candidate. This means that employers don’t have to spend countless hours searching for the best candidate. WeldLink does all the work so that employers can get back to running their businesses.

Build Name Recognition
WeldLink also functions as a 24-hour tool for free advertising! Whether you’re an individual contractor or the owner of a large company, WeldLink offers many opportunities for building name recognition throughout the welding community and related industries. With thousands of users around the nation, WeldLink allows businesses to advertise their company, product, or service to an increasingly important segment of customers and potential employees. Business can also increase their visibility by linking their company’s main webpage to their WeldLink profile.

Creating a profile is easy, free, and fast. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to complete. A company’s mere presence on WeldLink can help attract new business and increase consumer trust. WeldLink is also the perfect platform from which to entice qualified employees, so companies shouldn’t wait until they have a vacant position to create a profile.

Engineers at computer SMALLStay Connected with the Whole Industry
Increasing sales is often about making the right connections. To help companies grow, WeldLink bridges the gap between individuals, businesses, and schools across the U.S. by bringing them together under one roof. As such, WeldLink functions as a mecca for the entire welding industry. It is here where companies can expect to hear first-hand about industry updates, emerging ideas, or new materials that may influence their business. Moreover, businesses can easily tap into the collective wisdom of WeldLink’s many users if any questions arise.

With the whole industry at their fingertips, businesses on WeldLink can form partnerships faster than ever. For instance, a school in need of an equipment or material supplier can use WeldLink to find businesses that meet their needs. Similarly, businesses will have an easier time searching for and contacting possible clients. With so many individuals, schools, and businesses housed under one roof, the possibilities for industry connections are endless!

Take Your Business to the Next Step
WeldLink will revolutionize the way welding-related companies advertise, conduct business, and attract employees. With just a few clicks, businesses can get their company name across to the entire industry, make lasting partnerships, and find the most talented people in the field. Be part of the revolution, and take your business to the next level with WeldLink.

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