CWI Preseminar Promises to Boost Study Time and Preparedness

On Monday, July 1st AWS released the online Certified Welding Inspector Pre-Seminar, a 60 hour interactive online training program designed to teach the fundamental knowledge necessary to succeed as a CWI candidate. As mentioned in Part 6 of the How to Prepare for the CWI Exam blog series, AWS prides itself on responding to user feedback. Our surveys from CWI participants indicated two primary concerns about the week-long instructor-led program. First, the limited time (40 hours) used to cover the wide breadth of material meant that the seminar served as a review of information instead of a comprehensive education course. Second, the structure of the seminar meant that many individuals could not start studying for the exam until they showed up to the seminar, six or seven days before the exam.

The CWI Pre-Seminar is designed to address both of these concerns. When paired with the instructor-led seminar, the additional 60 hours of  educational materials increases the total CWI instruction time to over 100 hours. Additionally, users can start studying the day they register, providing them with months of additional study time.

How do I register for the CWI Pre-Seminar?
Registering for the CWI Pre-Seminar is quite simple. If you are looking to bundle the Pre-Seminar with the week-long instructor-led program, activate the online registration system on the AWS website at

If you just want to register for the CWI Pre-Seminar, without the week-long instructor-led program, visit the American Welding Online registration system at

How much does the pre-seminar cost?
The cost of the CWI Pre-Seminar will depend on how you register for the program. Users who bundle the CWI Pre-Seminar with an AWS instructor-led seminar receive a discounted price of $750 for the 60 hours of additional training. The CWI Pre-Seminar alone is $955. This is the list price for users who want to take the Pre-Seminar independently of the instructor-led training. However, AWS is offering the CWI Pre-Seminar at a reduced price of $750 for all users through the beginning of October,

Are there any prerequisites to take the CWI Pre-Seminar?
There are no prerequisite for taking the CWI Pre-Seminar. Anyone can register. Furthermore, the CWI Pre-Seminar courses are designed for all knowledge levels. They do not assume you know information prior to the course, taking the time to explain all pertinent concepts and terms.

There are however, education and experience prerequisites for taking the CWI exam. For more information on these prerequisites please review the QC1 which can be downloaded at

Writing this blog post fills me with both excitement and sadness. We have been working on the CWI Pre-Seminar for a year and a half. In many ways it represents the first major milestone for American Welding Online. It is also the most significant release from the AWS Education Services Department in some time. But this is only the beginning. The future for American Welding Online is truly exciting as we strive to bring you more innovative programs.

If you have a question about the CWI Pre-Seminar that is not covered in this blog post, or the CWI Pre-Seminar AWO webpage (-), please leave us a comment below, and we will make it a point to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

David Hernandez

7 thoughts on “CWI Preseminar Promises to Boost Study Time and Preparedness”

  1. When will AWS have a online coures for Code Book portion of the CWI test?
    I believe this is what everyone is looking for. I know you can buy and pratice book for it, but the the online courses that I have taken so far are great.

    1. Kerry,

      Thanks for your comment. We are working on those programs right now. I would expect to see a couple by the end of the year with more coming next year.

      David Hernandez

  2. Iam working as a radiographer in abudhabi since 20 year’s i am very intrested to conducting in the seminar and examination i want some thing help means location, duration, timing and fee also can you help it .so please; thank you

    1. Hello Loay,

      The CWI Pre-Seminar includes Welding Fundamentals, Safety in Welding, Math for Welders Level I, Understanding Welding Symbols, Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist: Fundamentals, and the Science of Non Destructive Testing. These courses will help bring you up to speed for the CWI Seminar. In other words, the CWI Pre-Seminar is meant to supplement, not take the place of the CWI Seminar.

      Carlos Plaza

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