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The American Welding Society produces online versions of select national conferences in an effort to expand the reach of these programs to a broader audience. Live conference sessions are captured by AWS staff and edited to provide the highest educational value. The virtual conferences are made available soon after the live sessions. Please refer to the schedule below for a list of current and upcoming virtual conferences.

Latest Developmentslatestdevelopments
AWS Virtual Conferences provide access to the latest developments in welding. Each series of presentations provides a wide range of topics from a variety of academic and industry sources.
On DemandonDemand
Are you unable to attend an AWS Conference but still want the knowledge and experience shared by the speakers and attendees? AWS Virtual Conferences provide the same content as the live sessions without the pressure or costs of being there.
Why cram hours upon hours of valuable knowledge into a two or three day block? AWO Virtual Conferences allow users to experience the same educational presentations on their own schedule and pace.
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American Welding Online Virtual Conferences can be accessed from virtually any computer with internet access, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
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The easy-to-navigate American Welding Online platform grants users full control over their conference experience. Users may pause, rewind or advance presentations, allowing them to focus their time on the most relevant information.
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You are never alone with AWS. Trained AWS staff is available to answer your technical support questions from 7:30 am to 5 pm EST, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.


Available 2013 Educational Program (FABTECH) FREE FREE
Available 2011 Educational Program (FABTECH) FREE FREE
Available 2012 Thermal Spray Technology: High-Performance Surfaces TBD $185 / $210
Available 2012 International Brazing and Soldering Conference TBD $400 / $450
Available 2012 Educational Program (FABTECH) FREE FREE
Available 2012 Health and Safety in the Welding Environment (FABTECH) FREE FREE
Coming Soon
Coming Soon x

2012 Trends in Nondestructive Testing (FABTECH)

This series of presentations highlights the latest developments in nondestructive examination.

2012 Trends in Nondestructive Testing (FABTECH) TBD TBD
February 2014
To be released in JFebruary 2014x

2013 Weld Cracking Conference

This two-day conference delivers the practical knowledge necessary to avoid weld cracks caused by a variety circumstances.

2013 Weld Cracking Conference TBD TBD
March 2014
To be released in March 2014x

2013 Pipelines Conference

The Pipelines conference covers highly relevant topics in pipeline construction, including the welding of high-strength X80 pipe steels, orbital processes, and the new FRIEX system from Belgium.

2013 Pipelines Conference TBD TBD
April 2014
To be released in April 2014x

2013 Codes and Standards Conference

This two-day conference features information about the AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, and API pipeline codes, plus MIL and ISO standards.

2013 Codes and Standards Conference TBD TBD
May 2014
To be released in May 2014x

2013 Educational Program (FABTECH)

This series of presentations highlights the latest developments and best practices in welding education.

2013 Educational Program (FABTECH) TBD TBD
June 2014
To be released in June 2014x

2013 Welding Dissimilar Metals (FABTECH)

This conference covers welding, examination, and post-weld heat treatment of dissimilar joints, including carbon-steel, nickel-base, stainless, chrome-moly and other alloys. It also covers topics such as explosive welding and how standards address the complicated nature of dissimilar welds.

2013 Welding Dissimilar Metals (FABTECH) TBD TBD
July 2014
To be released in July 2014x

2013 So You’re the New Welding Engineer (FABTECH)

This conference is for managers, engineers,designers, and others with welding responsibility but a limited background in welding. The conference focuses on arc welding applications, but the principles have universal applicability.

2013 So You’re the New Welding Engineer (FABTECH) TBD TBD
23 December,2011